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Welcome to Anatomy of a Personal Brand. I am Dawn Klatzko, and this is Woody, my muse. This short course is designed to provide you with enough understanding and insight of what it means to have a Personal Brand. This is the starting point to you realising the full potential for success that you already possess!

A brief explanation of why you need to find your Personal Brand.

Our new world order has prompted millions of people to re-evaluate their lives – ranging from where they live to the work that they do. In some cases, it is a voluntary response, the result of having had the time to experience a different way of living and to stop and reflect on these crucial aspects of our lives. In other instances, the change has been forced, usually due to a loss of employment or a change in relationships.


Regardless of the catalyst, change is never comfortable, and many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed, almost desperate, because they need to construct a new way of living – but have no idea of where to begin, in particular when it comes to building a new career.


We each have unique assets that we should use as the starting point. It is something we all own but most likely don’t understand what it means, how to unpack it and then how to use it. It’s called a Personal Brand, and, through these two courses, I introduce you to the concept and give you the methodology and tools for you to grasp your own and use it to your advantage.

The price? Just your time!